Why Get an Inflatable Gorilla Costume This Halloween

by Oscar

Choosing a comfortable but unique Halloween costume can be challenging. There are always various costumes to choose from, and finding the right pick may take a while. Inflatable costumes can be a top choice for your fun costume looks. There are many inflatable suits to choose from, one of them being the inflatable gorilla costume.

The gorilla suit best suits the Halloween scary theme, as it can be an inspiration from many iconic films. Even better is the low effort required to get it on and off while achieving a top costume look this season.

Contents of an Inflatable Gorilla Costume

The material used to make the inflatable gorilla costume is very light, like any other inflatable suit. The costumes are made of lightweight vinyl material filled with air to make them look fuller. A fan system with a batter supplies the inner air within the outfit. The fan is attached to the wearer’s waist. The inflation can last a maximum of 4 hours and varies depending on your battery.

Why You Should Try the Inflatable Gorilla Suit

Other than making a statement with these costumes, there are many different reasons you should try this costume.

1. More Breathing Space

Wearing the inflatable gorilla costume can be like wearing a sizeable spacious balloon, with lots of space for movement and breathing. Typical costumes can be pretty cramped up, leaving less room for you to breathe. This costume is very flexible.

2. It is Comfortable

The gorilla suit can be equated to wearing a giant ball of air which is not such a bad idea. Your Halloween costume should be not only fun but also comfortable. This costume offers just that, with room for adjustment.

3. Variety of Inspired Styles

With this costume, it doesn’t have to be you wearing it. You can inflate the gorilla and use it as a pair partner costume. You can ride on its back or vice versa and give yourself a designated Halloween look. Most of the recent gorilla costumes look to inspire a piggyback gorilla ride.

4. It is Cool

Compared to the traditional coverup costume, this suit is fantastic on the inside and rarely gets hot. The fan also enhances the inner coolness and keeps you cool and cozy.

5. It Has Lighter Weight

Unlike the traditional costumes, the inflated gorilla costume is very light, barely noticeable to the one wearing it. The lightweight is what makes it a popular costume choice.

6. Takes Less Time

Setting up and wearing the costume takes less effort and can also be worn in under 4 minutes. The process of setting it up is so simple and is not challenging as the steps are simplified.

7. It Has a Variety

The gorilla suit can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors you can choose. Having wide varieties ensures that you will find one that best suits you. They cater to different people and achieve a fun costume appearance.


Getting your Halloween costume this season doesn’t have to be complicated. The inflatable gorilla costume is not only a good choice in terms of a fun look, but it also offers a lot of perks with little to no cons. Additionally, the costume is not highly-priced compared to other Halloween costumes, giving you value for your money.

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