Do People Wear Sailor Hats as A Fashion Item?

by Oscar

A sailor hat is a type of flat, circular cap that lacks a visor and is used by sailors in a variety of navies across the world. Around the base, which typically has the title of a ship or perhaps a navy written on it, a tally is knotted, a black silk ribbon with writing on it.

The tally is typically fastened at the back of the cap, and the two ends are allowed to dangle over to the shoulders so that they can serve as beautiful streamers. The Royal Navy, the tally is finished by tying it in a bow above the left ear.

In the early twentieth century, it was common for sailors to tie a tiny coin in the bow of the tally before leaving on shore leave so that it would be more noticeable. During times of conflict, several navies will substitute a generic title for the official title of the ship as a precautionary measure.

Let’s discuss the significance of a sailor hat in detail, shall we?

The Looks of A Sailor’s Hat

A sailor’s hat is a type of headgear that is traditionally worn by sailors serving in fleets all over the world. It has a high-domed top in contrast to its low-rolled brim.

In most cases, a sailor’s hat is constructed out of a wedge-shaped piece of canvas or cotton cloth. Tallies and streamers are the two most common decorations found on sailor hats.

In addition to this, additional embellishments, such as a crest or cockade, might be applied.

How Sailor Hats Influenced the Fashion Industry?

In addition to appearing as props in World War II action movies, sailor hats are frequently featured in other Hollywood productions, such as those set-in locations such as bus stops, railway stations, and airport terminals.

As early as the 1840s, the Prince of Wales had an essential navy supply narrower hat with a slightly curved crown. Several other designs of sailor hats were established as part of civilian street fashion in Britain. This was when they were still in their adolescence as a fashion accessory.

Early images of English boys taken in the 1880s show that this fashion was still very much in vogue at the time.

British And the American Fashion Of Sailor Hats

Around this time, wide-brimmed sailor hats, modelled after the Senner straw hats popular among British sailors in the eighteenth century, made their debut, albeit they were not extensively adopted because of the period’s prevalent children’s fashion trends.

Around the middle of the 19th century, young men started dressing like sailors. Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, fashion icons of the day, followed suit and started dressing their infant sons in sailor costumes.

Throughout Europe, monarchies were being targeted by political groups. Princes, and by extension, young boys everywhere else, wearing military-style uniforms, became synonymous with the might and majesty of the Royal Navy.

British moms slowly started wearing these styles, and shortly after, mothers all over Europe and the United States did the same. By the 1870s, the turn of the century, the sailor suit had become the height of boys’ fashion.


Caps and hats worn by sailors have played an essential part in maritime history, both in the United States Navy and elsewhere.

It has had such an impact that it has affected not just the fashion industry but also the media and pop culture regarding the kind of hats deemed appropriate.

Without a doubt, the Sailor hat will continue to change as more available varieties are created, and new fashions are accepted.

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